STUDY: Wind Farms Produce No More Infrasound than Waves on a Beach

According to a 2010 study conducted by an independent acoustic consulting firm in Australia, the levels of infrasound created by wind turbines are not only well below the internationally recognized Audibility Threshold (the level where infrasound is perceived), but they are no greater than those produced by waves at the beach.

After comparing levels of infrasound near two operating wind farms in Australia, the study concludes, “Wind turbines generate infrasound, however, measurements made both outside and inside and at a variety of distances significantly less than separation distances between wind farms and dwellings, indicate the infrasound produced by wind turbines is well below established guideline perception thresholds. The level of infrasound that has been measured in…a rural coastal…environment is of the same order as that measured within 100 meters [328 feet] of a wind turbine.”

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What others are saying

“As the 19th district representative of the House of Delegates, I'm excited to see Virginia's first wind energy project enter its final phase of compliance. The community is excited to see the alternative form of energy come to completion. We look forward to the construction beginning and the successful completion of Virginia's first wind farm.”- Delegate Terry Austin, Virginia House of Delegates, 19th District

"Rocky Forge will be a large contributor to Botetourt County’s tax base, while having a minimal effect on existing land use of the thousands of acres of rural land in the project area. This seems like a win-win to me.”-Jack Leffel, Chairman, Botetourt County Board of Supervisors

“Botetourt County studied and reviewed Rocky Forge Wind for over a year. It was ultimately approved unanimously by our Board of Supervisors both because it met our county’s wind energy guidelines and because it aligns with Botetourt County’s mission of embracing responsible growth and innovation.”- Gary Larrowe, County Administrator, Botetourt County

“The Chamber of Commerce is delighted at the prospect of having Apex join the Botetourt family of businesses. A new renewable energy business in Botetourt will be good for the local economy and the environment and the Chamber is looking forward to working with Apex in the future.”-Pete Pearl, President, Botetourt County Chamber of Commerce

“Virginians overwhelmingly want more renewable energy, and wind power offers one of the cleanest, safest forms of electricity generation. Rocky Forge Wind is a great step toward growing the Commonwealth’s clean energy."-Dan Crawford, Group Chair, Roanoke Group of the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club

“As a resident of Botetourt County for more than 25 years and supporter of our area’s sporting traditions, I believe wind energy is a great way to produce power while protecting traditional land uses like hunting and fishing.”-Sherry Crumley, Board Member, National Wildlife Turkey Federation

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