Congratulations to the KidWind Participants from the Learning Barn!

A big congratulations to the Learning Barn and their participants for traveling to New Orleans to participate in KidWind! KidWind is a national competition that has students designing and building small-scale turbines. In order to win, you must create the most innovative turbine with the highest energy output. Your team must also be able to work together through different tasks and challenges posed by the judges. The grand prize at nationals is up to $5,000 in cash and prizes. The two KidWind teams from Roanoke competed in the regionals at George Mason University, where the high school teams placed first and second, earning them cash prizes of $700 each. 


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The national competition took place in New Orleans on May 24. There were 30 teams present, comprising more than 400 high school and middle school students. Congratulations again to the Learning Barn teams on their achievement! 

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