Supplemental Comment Period Notice

In conjunction with the Permit By Rule application process with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Rocky Forge Wind, LLC is holding a supplemental 30-day public comment period in addition to the primary public comment that took place from May 5 to June 6, 2016. This supplemental comment period will cover one revised report, and two new reports as part of the application which include a revised General Avian Use and Raptor Migration Survey, a Piratebush Assessment, and an Invasive Species Evaluation. The three reports are located here. Comment responses will be limited to only those having relation to these three reports.


This comment period runs from August 4, 2016 through September 6, 2016. Written comments may be sent to Rocky Forge Wind, LLC c/o Apex Clean Energy, Inc., 310 4th St. NE, Suite 200, Charlottesville, VA 22902, or by email to



The Rocky Forge Wind project provides an opportunity to help address Virginia's growing electricity demand with clean, homegrown energy, while diversifying Botetourt County's economy and supporting jobs in the local community.

Apex Clean Energy of Charlottesville, Virginia, is actively developing Rocky Forge Wind, which is expected to generate enough energy to power up to 20,000 homes annually.RF_map.png

Located in rural Botetourt County, adjacent to existing transmission lines on private land, the area under consideration is suitable for a wind energy project based on local wind data and these attributes:

  • Verified wind resource
  • Existing high-voltage power lines
  • Expansive private land
  • Proximity to state highways

Apex is working to engage state and local stakeholders to ensure your questions are answered. This website includes information about wind energy, Rocky Forge Wind, and important upcoming events. Please use this site to send us feedback, ask questions, and stay up to date on project news and developments as the project moves forward.

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Thank you to the following local and regional supporters of Rocky Forge Wind:

 deerhunters.jpg Virginia Deer Hunters Association sierra-club.png Sierra Club-Roanoke Chapter
00_vclf_logo.png   Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund


 Roanoke Cool Cities Coalition
 Natural_Bridge_Logo_2015.png Virginia's Natural Bridge   ccanFULL_HighRes_(whiteback).png Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Renewable Energy Electric Vehicle Association  REEVA  vsec_smaller.jpg Virginia Student Environmental Council
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Rocky Forge Wind will create jobs and generate an entirely new source of long-term revenue for local schools, government services, and property owners. According to independent analysis from the research firm Mangum Economics, Rocky Forge Wind will create up to 150 jobs and during construction and 7 well-paid permanent positions. Rocky Forge Wind is also expected to pay $20 million to $25 million in state and county taxes over the life of the project. 

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